Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jam Digital berbasis Mikrokontroler AT89s51

Rangkaian Jam Digital berbasis Mikrokontroler AT89s51

Digital hours to make this not too difficult. This series is not my original project, I trace the series of files and program from the internet, there is no chance the program listing. After I download the file to its hex-hour direct way. This clock only displays hours and minutes, to seconds However you can install the led associated with a series of I Hz oscillator formed from IC 555 (which I do, because I do not know the program listing), 2 led in parallel and installed as a bookmark seconds. Led to two installed in the middle of the hours and minutes. Although with the way that seconds and minutes if observed (calculated) decline slightly but I'm not the problem, Moreover people will not know about it. Digital hours following scheme:
Circuit digital watch

To me its PCB design itself, of course are still using my favorite software, PCB designer. Next the PCB layout (look up) :
PCB layout of digital watch

  • PCB file can download it here.
  • Hex file. can be downloaded here.

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