Friday, May 29, 2009

simple circuit of infra red remote control

By using the NE 555 and LM 567we can create a system of remote control via infra red light media. This system works based on the frequency of reading the signal transmitted, so that the frequency of the signal transmitter in the series must be the same as the receiving frequency.
Frequency on the transmitter is determined by the value of R1 and C1 based on the following equation:

infra red remote control Transmitter

As mentioned above, the recipient must also have the same detection frequency with a frequency that transmitted by a circuit of transmitter. Frequency of a circuit of receiver is determined by the following equation:

infra red remote control Reciever

To simplify the process of tunning, R1 on the part of the receiver is a variable resistor. while at the transmitter is still valuable. When the series was ready, so that the system can work well, the first step is to do tunning, with the way the transmitter is turned on continuously, while R1 is set in the value until the recipient can detect the signal transmitter

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