Friday, November 20, 2009

Lampu LED Disko Mengikuti Musik

This series consists of 10 led a mounted sequential, Supply 9V IC1A needed to strengthen to 100 times and move the audio signal IC1B. Sensitivity level of the circuit can be adjusted by changing the value of R4. The value of C4 was changed from 220 to 470nF. Each input R9 must be linked with the IC2 output pins.

 Lampu LED Disko

Skema Rangkain Lampu LED Disko

Component List

R1 :10K 1/4W
R2, 3 : 47K 1/4W
R4 : 1K 1/4W
R5, 6, 7 : 100K 1/4W
R8 : 820R 1/4
C1, 3 : 100nF
C2 : 10uF/50V
C4 : 330nF
C5 : 100uF/25V
D1 : 1N4148
D2-D11 : 5 or 3mm LED
IC1 : LM358
IC2 : 4017
MIC1 : Miniature electret microphone
R9, 10 : 10K 1/4W
R11 : 56R 1/4W
D12,13 etc : 5 or 3mm LED
Q1,2 : BC327
Q3 : BC337

IC Decoder 4017

The 4017 is an extremely useful device for project work and is used in the Games Timer and in various DOCTRONICS construction kits including the Light Chaser and the Matrix Die. When you are familiar with the 4017, you will be able to think of lots of useful applications.

Internally, the 4017 contains five bistable subunits. These are interconnected in a pattern known as a Johnson counter. The outputs of the bistables are decoded to give the ten individvual outputs.

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