Friday, November 20, 2009

Rangkaian Pengusir Tikus Elektonik

Mice are wild animals and very annoying. "Action bawdy" it could be all kinds ranging from pooping everywhere, rummaging through closets and warehouses, spread diseases (plague), and so on. Just always make a scene! One alternative to overcome this is to use an electronic mouse repellent. In addition to environmentally friendly, this tool can also be used as a hobby and learning the distribution of electronics.

To drive these rats disorders, you can create an electronic circuit as shown below. This circuit will generate a 50Khz frequency disturbing enough for a mouse but you do not have worried because you will not hear it. This series is guaranteed by the rats would run because his ears will feel pain from the vibration signal ferkuensi.
Skema Rangkain Pengusir Tikus

Electronic components on the need to build a mouse repellent electronic circuit is not much, quite cheap and readily available at electronics stores. Electronic circuit scheme can be viewed directly on the image above. The circuit can be built on a dot matrix or PCB layout to make it with plain munggunakan PCB. Within a few days after the installation of this device (a continuous) will be visible results. The mouse and his relatives would be taken off some where and rumahpun rid of most annoying animals.

Heart of electronic rat repellent circuit IC 555 is already very popular, cheap and versatile. For maximum results use the loudspeaker from the PIEZO tweeter speakers electric or funnel shape. Electronic rat repellent is effective for rooms up to 200 m 2 area from the right placement. This circuit is placed in the corner of the room so that his frequency noise can be spread across the room without a hitch. Turn on continuously to keep the rats do not come back, do not worry about the electricity consumption for electrical power needed is low enough, is still greater watt/220 light bulb 5 volts.

Skema Rangkaian Elektronika