Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rangkaian Integrator Op-Amp 741

Op-amp is versatile electronic circuits are designed and specially packaged, so that by adding external components at all, can already be used for various purposes. One of them is to make the integrator integrator circuit functions to produce an output voltage which is an integral function of time from the input voltage.

Rangkaianintegrator widely used in the "analog computer" as a tool for solve the integral equation. This circuit can be made by placing capacitors at the input and output reversed and no-reverse input earthed. Input signal given to the input reversed.

Integrator Op-Amp 741Skema Rangkaian Integrator Op-Amp 741

Integrator circuit testing procedures
  • Arrange an op-amp integrators as shown in the image above. Supply Power dibua IC 741 can use two batteries or variable DC source.
  • Set the input signal from the FG to generate signal box 1 Vp-p on frequency of 1 kHz.
  • Use the oscilloscope to view the integrator output response
  • Based on the circuit as shown above, you will verify that the output and input will follow the equation

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