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Mengukur Kapasitor Menggunakan Multimeter (AVO Meter)

Mengukur Kapasitor Menggunakan Multimeter (AVO Meter)

Capacitor is a component that can store electrical energy in units of Farad. Discovered by Michael Faraday (1791-1867). Capacitor is now also known as the "capacitor", but the word "condenser" is still used today.

Identified capacitor has two legs and two poles of positive and negative and has a liquid electrolyte and generally tubular. Coat condenser (having positive and negative poles) in the electronics scheme.

Whereas the other species most of the lower capacity values, do not have a positive or negative poles on foot, mostly flat, round brown, red, green and others such as tablets or buttons are often called capacitors (capacitor).

At the present time, ignition is often referred to as a capacitor or abbreviated with the letter (C).
The unit is the Farad condenser. where 1 Farad = 9 x 1011 cm ² surface area, which means these pieces to be equal to 1 Farad 106 mikroFarad (μF), a 1 μF = 9 x 105 cm ².

condenser units are widely used are:

* 1 Farad = 1,000,000 μF (micro Farad)
* 1 μF = 1,000,000 pF (pico Farad)
* 1 μF = 1000 nF (nano Farad)
* 1 nF = 1000 pF (pico Farad)
* 1 pF = 1000 μμF (micro-micro-Farad)

Step measurement:

1. Select Scale F or select parts of other true-to-scale.
2. then the reply value is the value appearing condenser capacity they will be with the unit or micro-Farad Farad (-6 rank 10) or Nano Farad (-9 rank 10) or Piko Farad (-12 rank 10) Farad.

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