Sunday, November 08, 2009

Multivibrator Astable Menggunakan IC 555

Multivibrator is an electronic circuit that at a certain time only one of two output voltage levels, except during the transition period. The transition (switching) between the two levels of output voltage occurs quickly. Two state level of the multivibrator output voltage, which is stable and Quasistable.

Astable multivibrator is called when the output voltage levels generated by the multivibrator circuit is quasistable. The circuit will only change the state of the output voltage level between the 2 conditions, each state has a fixed period. Multivibrator circuit will work independently and no longer need a trigger. Period of time each output voltage level is determined by the components making up the circuit.

multivibrator astable used IC 555Skema rangkaian multivibrator astable used IC 555

The picture above is the astable multivibrator circuit. This circuit will work when the voltage applied to Vcc ration and ground her. This circuit has two conditions are always changing with time. Because changing the type is known as astable multivibrator. With constant changes of 0 and 1, then the multivibrator is also called a bistable multivibrator (multivibrator which has two stable state of 0 and 1).

This change in cycle length can be calculated using the following equation:

Period = t1 + t2
t1 = 0.7 x (RA + RB) XC
t2 = 0.7 xRBxC.

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